Amanda Pinto and Jake Nathanson met in high school. They sat next to each other in photography class where they learned to shoot on black and white film. When they moved to NYC to attend NYU for different reasons (Amanda for acting and Jake for, well, a lot of things... but eventually filmmaking), they discovered they could combine their respective passions to become a headshot-taking-superhuman-power couple. They love Ohio, their families, their dogs (shoutout to Cleo and Bill), good TV, and happy hour margaritas. They've been dating for 7 years. It's a long story......

Alex Leyva joined the Sub/Urban team in 2013 while pursuing his own passion for acting at NYU. Amanda caught him doing makeup for a fellow student and realized their headshots would be immeasurably improved by a quality #MUA (makeup artist). Alex officially became an Aveda-certified stylist in 2015 and continues to work both in the hair/makeup field as well as on stage. If you're lucky, you may catch him moonlighting as his drag persona, Adonna. He loves his family, painting, baking, a night of documentary binging on Netflix, complaining about the East Side, and practicing for any last-minute Hamilton auditions.


Our approach is simple: to make you look and feel your best. If you are feeling great and having fun, it's going to show through in every photo!

Countless clients begin their session by telling us they "hate having their headshots taken." WHY?? That's no fun! We want to change this! Because of our backgrounds in the field, we understand the pressures of having a headshot that captures your personality and stands out from the rest, especially in the age of digital submissions. We also understand that headshots can be outrageously expensive in New York City, which can make a session even more stressful.

At Sub/Urban, we are committed to keeping our prices low, quality high, and clients one hundred-percent satisfied with their experience and results. We offer different packages to accommodate a variety of needs and budgets, plus discounts for joint and group sessions. We want you to feel relaxed throughout your shoot, which is why we do not time our sessions but rather shoot until we've gotten shots that you love. Plus, we have lots of fun tricks and treats that will keep you cool and confident throughout your shoot (music requests are highly encouraged). 

Well, we don't want to give away ALL of our secrets.... so check out our contact page and let's chat!